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Green Waste Club launches in Herefordshire

There’s good news for thousands of residents in Herefordshire looking for a reliable, easy and affordable way to dispose of their garden waste. The Green Waste Club has now launched in Herefordshire, and as of early July, the service is available to residents in Hereford, Ledbury, Leominster, Bromyard and Ross-On-Wye, and surrounding areas.

This newest Green Waste Club will be operated by an experienced crew from Biffa’s nearby Forest of Dean contract, who will provide fortnightly emptying of GWC wheeled bins into a dedicated 26 tonne collection vehicle. As is usual Club policy, garden waste will not be sent to landfill: instead, it will be recycled into compost at Rose Hill Recycling in Dymock.

A 12 month subscription costs an initial £69, comprising a one-off £15 charge for having a bin delivered and then £54 for the – that’s just £4.50 a month, or the cost of a couple of coffees!

Residents with larger gardens or lawns can get a second GWC wheeled bin to help take care of the extra waste they produce,  and neighbours with small gardens can club together to share the cost of a bin subscription.

Annual or monthly payments can be made by Direct Debit (our customers find this the most convenient option), or you can pay with a debit or credit card. A 10% discount is offered for signing up for 24 months, with a 20% discount for 36 months.

To join there Herefordshire Green Waste Club, call 0800 0858 286 or sign up online at

Easter collection changes.

Changes to the garden waste collections over Easter. 


There will be no service on Good Friday or Easter Monday. Collections due on Good Friday will be made on Saturday 20th April. 
The collections due on Easter Monday will take place on Saturday 27th April. 

East Northants

No changes to the collections, please present your bin on the usual day. 


No changes to the collections, please present your bin on the usual day.

Melton Mowbray

There are no changes to the collections on Good Friday
Easter Monday there will be no service, collections will take place one day later than usual, Friday's collection will be made Saturday 27th April.  


No changes to the collections, please present your bin on the usual day. 


Good Friday, there will be no service. Collections will take place on Saturday 20th April. 
Easter Monday, there will be no service, collections will take place one day later than usual. 

Happy Easter to all of our customers.

From The Green Waste Club.

The Miracle of Composting

Long-term Green Waste Club partner The Woodhorn Group has produced an informative video showing how each year, it turns over 75,000 tonnes of garden waste into nutrient-rich organic soil conditioner and compost. Arun’s Green Waste Club has supplied green waste to Woodhorn since 2005.
It takes 14 weeks for the carefully-controlled production process to transform the contents of GWC collection bins into the eco-friendly Earth Cycle products made by Woodhorn – a true miracle!

Did you know you can buy back your garden waste to use as compost in your garden?  Visit to purchase compost made from GWC garden waste.

Good News for Tandridge Members!

The continuing popularity of the Tandridge Green Waste Club (it’s grown by 15% in the past year) has led to the introduction of a second collection vehicle and a second collection round.

These will help ensure all Tandridge members continue to get a reliable and efficient service.

But some collection times have changed as a result.

All Tandridge Club members are reminded to ensure their wheeled bin is out by 7am on their collection day.

Green Waste Club is blooming great

Thank you to all those who participated in this year’s customer satisfaction survey.  The Green Waste Club has received a huge thumbs-up from the people who count most – the customers!


Of the 850-plus responses we received, 96% were satisfied with the Club overall, 96% again were satisfied with the reliability of the service, and 94% thought the Green Waste Club was value-for-money.


Of those that contacted the Club’s call centre, 95% were satisfied with the service received.  Of those that have seen or spoken to their garden waste collection crews, 98% were satisfied with their collection crews.


Amongst the comments received were:


“Great service – saves having to go to the tip every 5 mins!”


“An excellent service that is both reliable and well regarded.”


“Your service is always excellent, on time, and your operatives are always helpful.”


“Don’t know how we coped before we joined the Green Waste Club.”


“We are very happy with the Green Waste Club, a fantastic service which is good value.”


The Club’s 47,000 members have so far helped to collect over 78,000 tonnes of garden waste for recycling into compost, so avoiding expensive landfill or disposal.



The Green Waste Club prides itself on strong partnerships with other organisations..

Click here to view a list of Green Waste Club Partners


Biffa Municipal Ltd

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Invicta Business Park
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The Green Waste Club

Launched in 2005, the Green Waste Club gives residents the opportunity to recycle their garden waste in a cost effective and convenient way.  

Since the launch over 55,000 residents have joined and together they have diverted almost 60,000 tonnes of garden waste from landfill.

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