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The Green Waste Club customer satisfaction survey is now closed.  We have received over 850 responses, which are currently being reviewed.  Thank you to all those who took part.  Your opinion is important to us and we will be publishing the results later this month.  Watch this space!

Shortlisted for Customer Service Professional of the Year

GWC senior waste management executive Sam Boulton has been shortlisted in the Customer Service Professional of the Year category of the European Contact Centre Awards. Nominated by contact centre manager Cheryl Winter, he will be attending the awards event in June.

Cheryl says that Sam treats every customer as an individual, takes time listening to their concerns, and always does his very best to help. ”He tackles issues with a positive, determined manner, and will always try to go the extra mile for the customer, not just to resolve the issue but to also stop it from reoccurring.   Residents now ask for him personally when they call in.”

He also always does his best to help his colleagues, as Cheryl points out: “He’s good fun and keeps everyone in high spirits. He never has a bad day, and his personality and attitude makes a huge difference to the team.”

Customer Survey Prize Winner

Dr. Anne Tuffill, a member of the Tandridge Green Waste Club, was the lucky winner of the customer satisfaction survey prize draw. 

Her name was first out of the hat, and she was presented with £100 Homebase vouchers by Green Waste Club manager Lucy Stephens and Tandridge business manager Natalie Tobin. 

Anne was delighted with her prize, saying: “I was really surprised to have found out that I had won and am looking forward to spending the vouchers at the weekend.  I am delighted with the service and glad it takes away the worry of what to do with small branches that I can’t compost easily.  It’s also encouraging to know that my garden waste is made into compost.”

Survey Winner

Melton Green Waste Club's Donation Saves Waterway's Day

Melton GWC donationMelton’s Green Waste Club has donated £500 to help the Melton and Oakham Waterways Society (MOWS) replace a stolen outboard motor for its boat ‘Badger’. 

Staffed and funded entirely by volunteers, the Society cuts back trees and clears rubbish from the river network around Melton. 

MOWS chairman Mick Clowes said the boat had only been out of action for a short while following the theft of the motor from their storage facility at Sysonby Knoll Hotel.  The organisation was ‘overjoyed’ with the donation.

He said: “This generous gesture ensures that our river enhancement plans can continue at full pace by making it possible for us to operate both boats, Mole and Badger, together.”

Francis Drew, business manager of Biffa, which operates the Green Waste Club, said: “The work of the society is rather like the work of Biffa’s street sweepers and cleaners around Melton. It’s a largely ignored service until it stops.”

“We decided to step in and help the Society replace its outboard motor, which will enable volunteers to get their boat out and about doing what they must do to help reduce the impact of flooding around Melton. After all, it’s the gardens of Club members that are likely to be underwater if the rivers aren’t kept clear.”

July Competition Winner Announced

July brought even more sunshine into the life of Miss Charlotte Frost (centre), a keen member of the Portsmouth Green Waste Club. She was the lucky winner of a competition that asked entrants to answer three simple questions based on information in the Club newsletter.

Her correct entry was first out the hat, and she was later presented with £100 of Homebase vouchers by Green Waste Club manager Lucy Stephens and Portsmouth depot compliance officer Stephen Hanby.

A delighted Charlotte said: “I am really pleased, and surprised, to have won. The Green Waste Club bin is such a convenient way for recycling garden waste that I can’t compost and which I don’t really want to send to landfill.”

The Green Waste Club is blooming!

Tandridge GWCWe’ll be welcoming many new members, thanks to Tandridge District Council in Surrey handing over its garden waste collection service to the Club with effect from 1st June. Collection crews are busy doing the collections from the district’s 5,000 members who have transferred to the Green Waste Club and can start to enjoy its many benefits.

The good news continues. The appointment of the Green Waste Club in Tandridge means that more of the residents who have been queuing patiently to sign up for garden waste collections will now be able to do so quickly.

Turning garden waste into compost...

We are often asked what happens to the garden waste collected through the Green Waste Club. Our customers like to know that we are not only dealing with the material responsibly and diverting it from landfill, but also that it is being put to good use and being recycled into compost or soil conditioner.

When you subscribe to the Green Waste Club not only will you receive a convenient kerbside collection but you can also rest assured that all of your garden waste will be recycled into compost at a site local to your Club.

Since our Arun Green Waste Club started in 2005 we have worked with a local composting facility which is operated by the Woodhorn Group. Established in 1882, this family run business is able to turn the material collected in the Arun Green Waste Club into a fabulous range of 100% peat free soil conditioners.

How does it work? 

The material is collected from your kerbside and delivered daily to the Woodhorn Group compost facility at Tangmere, where the load is ejected from our vehicle and the team at Woodhorn take over. It is shredded and placed in piles, called windrows. The temperature during the first two weeks is maintained between 65-80°C to kill all the weed seeds and pathogens. For the next 14 weeks the windrow temperature ranges between 45-80°C, gradually turning your garden waste into compost.

The windrows are turned at least three times during the 16 week process to ensure thorough mixing and aeration, and to ensure the process remains aerobic. After 16 weeks the temperatures fall and stabilise, signalling that the active composting phase is complete. The compost is then screened to remove oversize compost items and any products that require testing are sampled and sent away.

This range of Earth Cycle products are composted under carefully controlled conditions to produce high quality products, as defined by the British Standards for Composted Materials (BSI PAS100) and are available to purchase locally, representing a truly closed loop recycling service for all our green fingered customers.


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The Green Waste Club

Launched in 2005, the Green Waste Club gives residents the opportunity to recycle their garden waste in a cost effective and convenient way.  

Since the launch over 55,000 residents have joined and together they have diverted almost 60,000 tonnes of garden waste from landfill.

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