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Melton Green Waste Club's Donation Saves Waterway's Day

Melton GWC donationMelton’s Green Waste Club has donated £500 to help the Melton and Oakham Waterways Society (MOWS) replace a stolen outboard motor for its boat ‘Badger’. 

Staffed and funded entirely by volunteers, the Society cuts back trees and clears rubbish from the river network around Melton. 

MOWS chairman Mick Clowes said the boat had only been out of action for a short while following the theft of the motor from their storage facility at Sysonby Knoll Hotel.  The organisation was ‘overjoyed’ with the donation.

He said: “This generous gesture ensures that our river enhancement plans can continue at full pace by making it possible for us to operate both boats, Mole and Badger, together.”

Francis Drew, business manager of Biffa, which operates the Green Waste Club, said: “The work of the society is rather like the work of Biffa’s street sweepers and cleaners around Melton. It’s a largely ignored service until it stops.”

“We decided to step in and help the Society replace its outboard motor, which will enable volunteers to get their boat out and about doing what they must do to help reduce the impact of flooding around Melton. After all, it’s the gardens of Club members that are likely to be underwater if the rivers aren’t kept clear.”


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